Sunday, June 3, 2007


The Afghan of the Sandman needs to get done NOW.

The original deadline was July 1st - when I was going to mail everything out.

But there is a baby shower on June 23rd - and the virtual baby shower I'm planning needs to be there on that day. So I need to mail the package, including the finished blankets, out on June 18th.

GAH! It's got to be finished and wrapped in two weeks! And I was going to make a small stuffed animal to go with it. (Type of animal yet to be determined. Ideas and patterns welcome! Email them or leave a comment.)

So I'm putting down the socks and carting the larger afghan on my commute. Wish me luck that I get it done in time!


bettycrackpot said...

my quickie baby shower gift is a stuffed duckie. you can make it normal (yellow) or blue or pink. takes less than 2 hrs to make start to finish. good luck! bettycrackpot from the ville

Sam said...

Love the duck idea! It is too cute! But it will have to wait until the next package goes out to the momma-to-be. I'll be lucky to just get the blanket done. :)