Saturday, June 16, 2007

Progress Report: Cabled Crochet Socks

First of all, good morning to all! I'm in rare form today - awake and energized before 10 am. This bodes well for the weekend as I have a lot of stuff to accomplish.

Here's what a wonderful weekend looks like at the beginning:

And for a close up of the loveliness:

You thought I was going to focus on the yarn, right? Well, I loves me a good cup of coffee in the morning. And people love me when I've had a good cup of coffee in the morning. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

But on to the socks!

This is how far I've gotten with the yarn I currently have. As I was running out of yarn and trying to keep the length of both socks even, I started crocheting out of both ends of my ball.
(My inner-12-year-old: LOL!! You said 'ball'!)

First Socks 08

First Socks 09

As I posted yesterday, a new hank of STR is on it's way so I can finish these socks properly. I don't want cabled crew socks sans a heel.

Until the yarn arrives, the socks are on hold. But once that yarn gets here, I'm sure these socks will be finished in no time.


Lauren said...

Wow, Sam. The socks look great. I go away for a week of vacation and come back to such amazing pictures. Hope your new yarn comes soon.

Sam said...

Hey, it's your pattern, Lauren. It's a beautiful one! :)

The yarn should be here as early as next week - but if it's the week after, I won't be upset. I'm just so happy I could order more of the same colorway because there was not the colorway of the other yarn I bought at MS&W (Crazy Lace Agate).