Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Progress Report: Basket Weave Scarf

Since the completion of the afghan, and while I am awaiting the arrival of my order from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, I have turned my attention to the basket weave scarf.

It's a quick project, one that would have been finished a while ago if it were not for the afghan and socks. I'm up to 30" in length and it's 5" wide. I'm not sure how long it will finally be - I usually just keep going until I like the length and look of a scarf. Anyone know what the standard length or width for a scarf are? Are there standard lengths or widths for scarves?

In a two-for-one type special, here are progress photos of the scarf showing different lighting techniques (thanks for the tips, Queen!).

Photo with natural sunlight without a flash

Basketweave Scarf 04 Sunlight

Photo with natural sunlight with a flash

Basketweave Scarf 05 Flash

Photo with natural sunlight with a piece of white paper over the flash

Basketweave Scarf 06 Covered Flash

Quite a difference, would you agree? I'm impressed. I'll be using this technique from now on, especially if/when I start making things to sell on Etsy.

Here's one last shot of the scarf where you can really see the edges of the scarf. They kinda ripple a bit.

Basketweave Scarf 07

I'm thinking I'm going to need to edge/border this scarf...but I'm not sure how I'll end up doing it. Suggestions?


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

Your pics of the tip are so much better than mine. You excel at EVERYTHING. Bitch! ;) LOL!

I can't think of an edge that would do the scarf justice...but I'll mull it over and get back to you.

Sam said...

No, I think your pics were better. There were a lot more colors to see in your shots and you had the warm, soft morning sun in your photos.

Let me know if/when you think of an edge. Maybe just single crochet around???

Sam said...

Okay - forget the edging. I think I'll have just enough yarn to make it as long as I want. The edging may not be necessary.