Friday, June 1, 2007

Progress Report: Cabled Crochet Socks

No photos for you today - but the socks look pretty much like they did before, just longer with more cables.

It turns out that while my horizontal gauge is right on the money, my vertical gauge is off by about a quarter inch. I've sliced 4 rows off the pattern prior to the arch increase. I'm hoping that will work.

I've just started the first row of the increase and will probably stop on the first sock when it's done. I need to start the second sock and get it to the same point before I go further. The STR yarn is 380 yards - but the pattern calls for 400 yards. Thus I have to finish the socks together so I can monitor that I have enough yarn to make them even in length.

I'm having a hard time putting down this project in order to finish the Afghan of the Sandman that MUST be finished by the end of the month. The little Super Star is due in July and I want the blankets to be there before her arrival.

But I ... can't...put down ... the sock yarn... So beautiful...

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