Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Progress Report: Cabled Crochet Socks

I have recovered from the frogging incident. It's amazing what can happen if you use the right hook, the right pattern, and some beautiful hand-dyed sock yarn.

I don't think this multicolored yarn lends itself well to showing the cable pattern, but I love it anyway. Here's a close up - you might be able to see the cable in action.

And if this is any indication, these socks might actually fit when I'm done. (Do not attempt to adjust your monitor - I really am that pasty.)


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

OOH! Fantastic! You can see the cable pattern well in the last photo. I love them.

The super plain toe really showcases the yarn nicely. And seriously, I think I'm going to send you my sock yarn to wind because yours looks so beautiful!

Sam said...


I, too, love the way the yarn looks in just the single crochet. I was thinking about frogging the cable and just doing all single crochet - but that may be what I do with my other hank of STR yarn.

And if you do send me your yarn to wind, there's no guarantee you'll get it back. :)