Saturday, May 19, 2007

Progress Report: Afghan of the Sandman

Finally - an update on this!

Please note: The colors of this photo are not true to the yarn. I couldn't seem to get the flash and natural lighting right to capture the soft pink color.

I've got almost 44 rows done - about 16 1/2 inches - though it should be more. There was a bit of a goof on my part. My hooks got mixed up and I did almost 10 rows with one hook size larger. I had to frog all that work. Very sad. As soon as I was done ripping it all out, I started crocheting it again, this time with the right hook. I was waiting for my flight at the time and I think the people watching me thought I was crazy. Why would she rip it out just to redo it??? Not because I wanted to!

I need to find the pattern to see how many more rows I have to do. While I love how this is turning out, I'm getting bored with the process. There is so much beautiful MS&W yarn and new patterns to play with! But I won't start any major projects until this blanket is completed.

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