Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Is It The Weekend Yet???

The evening commute has royally sucked a$$ the past two days. Sean and I haven't gotten home until 8 pm - when we're supposed to be home by 7:20 pm.

And while one could argue that that is an additional 40 minutes of crocheting, that's not entirely true. I can't crochet when I'm standing in the waiting room with hundreds of other stranded commuters waiting for the train to get there.

Tomorrow better be different. The train better be on time and without mechanical difficulties. And if it isn't... nothing will come of it. You see, there's no accountability by MARC or Amtrak when the trains are late and the commuters suffer.

Methinks there will be a strongly worded letter to send to my Congressional representatives.

I updated the side bar to show my actual current projects versus the projects I hope to eventually do. It depressed me to see all these projects listed with 0% completion bars. An update on the basket weave scarf and the Ohio Star Variant crocheted quilt are coming.

I'm taking Friday off because I can. If you've got the leave, I say take it and enjoy it. Life's too short not to take a vacation day or two. Cheers!

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